Is Squarespace right for you?


Get the "right amount of website" for your business. Do not let an agency or freelancer oversell you, and don't sell yourself short either!



What is the right amount of website for your business?

You've heard of Goldilocks. She was (is?) a young woman with high standards for mattresses. Not too firm, not too soft, just right — that's her motto!  Take her lead when you are figuring out what the right amount of website is for your business.

You don't want too much website, because you will overwhelm your audience and probably overpay. You don't want to be stuck with not enough website, because you'll be limited by design and functionality constraints that prevent you from connecting with your customers and clients.

“Why, why, why would we sell someone a luxury yacht when what they really need is a reliable car?”

— Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner, Kick Point


There's no way around it: custom website design and development is expensive. Sticker shock is very common when we add up the hours for research, planning, design, development, testing, and bug fixing.

If your business doesn't need a bunch of unique functionality, if you aren't craving flare for the sake of appearing hip and cool, if the core goal of your website is to turn visitors into customers or clients, well — let's stop thinking about features and start thinking about impact.

We design and develop websites using the Squarespace platform to help you make the most of your budget. Squarespace provides a strong foundation for us work with — we eliminate the many, many hours that would otherwise go into coding, testing, and bug fixing. Squarespace templates are already fully responsive and ready to appear perfectly on all screen sizes.

It's easy (but short-sighted) to jump to the conclusion that when you use a platform like Squarespace, you eliminate individuality and uniqueness — not true! Squarespace templates are like classic pieces of IKEA furniture, and we are the people who paint, stain, and reshape them to make them look and feel like your brand. Our Squarespace websites start at $3,500.

We do custom Squarespace development as well, but more coding and testing is required for these projects, so they take longer to complete and are more expensive. 


Squarespace isn't right for every business.

If you're selling a ton of products on your site, or if you need lots of custom integrations and permission functionality for example, you will need more website than we can provide using the Squarespace platform.

If you're a municipality, a school, a medium-large retail store, a hotel, or another business that has digital requirements beyond attracting and engaging clients and customers, you'll need to choose an alternate solution.


Alternate Solutions


WordPress has long been our preferred platform to develop on. We offer monthly and yearly  WordPress maintenance contracts as well.

Purchased theme: $8,500+
From scratch: $14,500+


We build Shopify websites for ecommerce clients. Check out our case study on The Traveling Tickle Trunk for an example.

Purchased theme: $9,500+
From scratch: $16,500+

A Custom CMS

We do not do custom CMS projects.  Generally speaking, we do not recommend choosing a designer/developer who insists that you use their custom CMS. Get in touch with us if you have questions about that.


Who Are We?

Kick Point is a full service digital marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta. We build websites, identity systems, marketing strategies, and more for our clients to serve budgets between $3,500–250,000. Squarespace is a valid option for many businesses and organizations. It's easy-to-use, secure, economical, and attractive. It might be the right option for you, or you may need a more robust solution. Either way, get in touch to tell us about your project.


Get in touch with questions and project ideas.

It's hard to know how much website your business needs without knowing more about who your audience is and what your business goals are. 

We're big fans of reality — though we also appreciate a good pipe dream here and there — so we're comfortable having conversations to help you understand what is possible if you are coming into a website project with a set budget. We can also help you plan a budget based on your audience and goals.

Both methods of budgeting for web design are valid in their own ways. Tell us about your project and we'll help you get what you need without spending more than you should.